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CNC Manufacturing Supervisor

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Fleetwood, PA
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Jun 27, 2019
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Position: CNC Manufacturing Supervisor

REPORTS TO: General Manager

The Manufacturing Supervisor is responsible for the effective management and coordination of designated manufacturing areas to ensure that the company can meet or surpass its objectives and goals, estimates and profitability of each assigned manufacturing operation and coordinate the manufacturing in that area with manufacturing in other areas through the Supervisors of those areas. The supervisor must be fully aware of the customer requirements for quality and delivery and must ensure that their assigned areas are working efficiently and at the highest possible quality to equal or surpass those requirements.

I Job Qualifications and Requirements
a. At a minimum a High School Diploma.
b. Five years experience minimum in managing personnel and machined parts manufacturing and processing.
c. Proven management and leadership skills.
d. Must be computer literate at a minimum, Microsoft Office programs Excel and Word and be able to navigate the ERP system.
e. Ability to manage and mentor subordinates in a practical and fair manner.
f. Punctuality, accuracy, and highly organized work habits.
g. Ability to converse and communicate with management and hourly personnel.
h. Appropriate technical knowledge and skill regarding machine tooling and machining processes.
i. A strong code of ethics and responsibilities.
j. Work as a team member.
k. Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing at an advance level.
l. Ability to work with mathematical concepts and statistical data plus apply concepts such as percentages, ratios and proportions to practical situations.

II. Duties and Responsibilities:
The following represents a list of essential duties and responsibilities of a Manufacturing Supervisor. The General Manager may assign other duties and responsibilities.

A. Safety
1. Responsible for employee safety in assigned area(s) of responsibility and required to notify Management of any known safety risks in other areas as well.
2. Investigate, complete paperwork and provide General Manager and Human Resources all information concerning on-the-job accidents.

B. Job Coordination
Prior to the start of each work order review the Launch checklist:
a. Project cost and performance targets.
b. Manpower schedule and matching of skill-sets to job requirements.
c. Material availability
d. Quality Requirements
e. Quality inspection instruments and gages availability
f. Equipment availability
g. Tooling requirements and availability
h. Program review
2. Be prepared to meet with General Manager daily, to review status of each job or project. Be prepared to evaluate the job in terms of meeting established estimated target goals.
3. Provide the office with weekly forms outlining the following information. a. Employee daily work hours.
4. Attend Staff Meetings every other work day or as scheduled
5. Attend Preproduction Meetings as required
6. Manage and coordinate with Quality Control/Assurance any rework in your area(s) including internal rejections and Vendor rejections as required, rework parts in a timely manner.
7. Process Corrective Actions as required ensure actions are proper and completed.
8. Perform all activities in such a way to meet all requirements of any Organizational Certifications such as ISO9001 / ISO13485
9. Look for and recommend any Preventive Action or process improvements that you and your Associates may discover or uncover.

C. Personnel Supervision
Schedule and coordinate labor hours for your department personnel and coordinate Associates Vacations and other scheduled time off. Contact the General Manager as required reviewing:
a. Job progress
b. Quality of workmanship.
c. Productivity of labor.
d. Security and safety conditions.
e. Employee proficiency levels.
2. Establish and maintain in an efficient and economical manner the assigned department work area and storage of equipment and material storage.
3. Ensure that operators possess the proper tools and that any special tools are provided to the job site and are used safely.
4. Responsible for the nurturing and discipline of Associates performing activities in your areas.
5. Consult with and make recommendations to the General Manager concerning all terminations and promotions.
6. Participate with Human Resources in the periodic Review of Associates working within their areas and any subsequent salary increases.
7. Troubleshoot, as required, critical and key areas where your knowledge and experience may have a significant impact on the success of the project.
8. Responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of assigned area(s) and equipment.
9. Provide training for assigned personnel in a proper and safe manner and provide opportunities for them to advance their skill-sets.
10. Perform employee monitoring of all activities.
11. Coordinate and schedule all quality and tooling activities to ensure optimum efficiency and economics.
12. Manage all Tear-Downs and at the completion of the work order review manufacturing reports to assess the quality, performance, and productivity of the manufacturing process and report results and any corrective action to the General Manager.
13. Interview all prospective candidates that report directly to the Manufacturing Supervisor and hire within guidelines as established by company policy.
D. Material Handling
1. Keep abreast of lead times on special material and work with the General Manager assuring that material is available at the appropriate time.
2. Make recommendations to the General Manager regarding stocked items and the level of quantities that should be kept in stock.
3. Make provisions, through the General Manager, for the procurement or manufacture of special tools and equipment and their identification and storage that might be required for each project.
4. Ensure that all unused materials, shop tools, and specialized materials are accounted for and returned to the appropriate locations and storage.
5. Ensure, through the appropriate department personnel, that all discarded materials, waste, and debris are removed from assigned area in an efficient and timely manner.
6. Account for materials delivered at specific machines or storage areas in terms of receiving the proper material and the right quantities (Verify that we received the amount and type of material we received). Report all exceptions to the General Manager.
7. Ensure that all materials and special tools and equipment are kept in secure location and are used in a safe manner at the assigned area.

The Manufacturing Supervisor has full authority over the production personnel and the functions outlined in this job description plus other functions and duties that may be assigned to him by the General Manager.

The Manufacturing Supervisor is a key individual for the company. He/she has the responsibility for ensuring that the machined parts are completed within the constraints of the estimated cost. Quality and Delivery must meet or surpass customer requirements to achieve Customer satisfaction. The supervisors have the responsibility as company representatives to promote to their subordinates a positive view of company policies to encourage employee morale. The supervisor’s roll in developing and retaining the labor force is critical to the organization.
V. Reference Procedures & Work Instructions
All Procedures and all relevant Work Instructions

No sponsorship visa (H1-B, etc) candidates at this time, sorry.
Qualified candidates must submit their resume in Microsoft Word format along with at least three professional references to:
Phil Montoya
Director of Sourcing
3735 SW 8th Street, Suite 205
Miami, FL 33134
P: 832-266-1610
Fax: 305-520-0138
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