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CNC Set Up Machinist/Programmer

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Fleetwood, PA
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Jun 25, 2019
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CNC Set Up Machinist/Programmer


REPORTS TO: Manufacturing Supervisor



The Class 1 Set up person is responsible for programming setting up and running if needed CNC machined tools in the different manufacturing areas. The set ups are first time run parts of all complexities. The Class 1 Set Up person must work independently and have a strong understanding of all functions of the manufacturing and quality control processes. The Class 1 Set Up person must be able to hand over jobs to operators and must be able to successfully communicate all the particulars of the project so that the operator is 100% clear as to what he is required to do regarding quality and production rates.


I. Job Qualifications

a. At a Minimum a High School diploma or equivalent.

b. Prefer three to five years’ experience in programming with CAM Systems and machining hi precision small to miniature instrument parts.

c. Punctuality, accuracy, and highly organized work habits.

d. Proven machining and machine shop skills.

e. A strong code of ethics and responsibilities.

f. Work as a team member.

g. Must fill all duties and responsibilities of a Class 2 Set Up person.

h. The individual must be able to regularly, effectively, and efficiently Set Up and run or hand over all jobs with minimal assistance from senior engineering.

i. The individual must be able to complete First Part Inspection (traditionally known as First Article Inspection)

j. The individual must be able to operate, and program as needed all automated inspection equipment such as CMM and optical measurement machines.

k. Has excellent problem solving abilities.

l. Internally the individual must be a Class 2 set up for a minimum of three years.

m. Ability to work with mathematical concepts and statistical data plus apply concepts such as percentages, ratios and proportions to practical situations.

n. Stand, walk, push, pull, reach overhead and bend to floor. Exert 20-50 lbs. of force occasionally.

o. Near acuity and accommodation are required for reading machine gauges and screens, blueprints and precision measuring instruments and equipment.

p. Ability to monitor machine sounds to identify and diagnose changes in order to take appropriate action.




B. Job Duties


1. Work with Manufacturing Supervisor daily, to review status of each job or project assigned and other jobs assigned to the department. Be prepared to evaluate the job in terms of meeting established estimated target goals.

2. Coordinate with Manufacturing Supervisor daily on any needed tools or materials required for the job site which can not be efficiently obtained through normal channels.

3. Inspects and measures parts to maintain conformance to specifications. At the direction of the manufacturing supervisor or as the need arises daily the Class 1 Set-up person shall instruct, teach in general Mentor other employees on all facets of the department’s functions such as manufacturing techniques, machine tool knowledge, tooling usage, fixture development, programming etc.

4. Program Set Up and operate CNC and manual machine tools to machine parts and verifies conformance of machined parts to specifications.

5. The individual must also be able to produce the necessary number of first part inspection parts that meet drawing requirements.

6. They must be able to program optical measuring inspection equipment and inspect mechanically in an efficient and correct manner.

7. Machines parts to very close tolerances and critical cosmetic finishes.

8. Able to load and unload CNC machining programs. Capable of changing tooling and inserts and re-qualifying and or remake fixtures if required.

9. Must be able to adjust or change cutting tools and adjust offsets to maintain the accuracy of the parts being machined, must be able to sharpen tools as needed.

10. Must be able to hand over jobs to operators ensuring that the operator will successfully run the job and the product be conformant to quality requirements and run in the allotted amount of time.


III. Job Authority

At the direction of the Manufacturing Supervisor; The Class 1 Set-up Person has authority over all functions outlined in this job description and to stop any job that is found non conformant or does not meet production rates.

The Class 1 Set-up Person has the authority to change tooling arrangements or tooling types to help improve the quality of the part or help improve cycle times, the machine tool list shall be updated accordingly. At the discretion of the Set-up person the department supervisor shall be notified.

As required other functions and duties may be assigned to the Class 1 Set-up person by the Manufacturing Supervisor.

No sponsorship visa (H1-B, etc) candidates at this time, sorry.
Qualified candidates must submit their resume in Microsoft Word format along with at least three professional references to:
Phil Montoya
Director of Sourcing
3735 SW 8th Street, Suite 205
Miami, FL 33134
P: 832-266-1610
Fax: 305-520-0138
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